Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Save on Los Angeles Auto Insurance

If you live in the city of Los Angeles, you may be dealing with Los Angeles auto insurance rates that are getting higher each year.

Credit, risk and insurance

A colleague passed this link on to me today - Insurers use credit scores for premiums, but is it fair? It's a nice well-balanced article on the use of credit data in insurance risk assessment.

buying own health insurance

first of all i'm not sure if this belongs in the finance forum, but i can't find a better place for it. has anyone here done it?

Fully inComprehensible Insurance

We believe that an independent British nuclear deterrent is an essential part of our insurance against the uncertainties and risks of the future. There we have the heart of Blair's argument for continuing with the UKs WMD.


Well, for once I mean this. Thank God I don't live in California. The LA Times published an article today, that reflects insurance companies are refusing to insure some professions. Professional athletes, firefighters, roofers, etc.

Liability Insurance Policies and Defense Under a Reservation of ...

It is neither a breach of the Liability Insurance Contract nor Third Party Bad Faith, for the Liability Insurance Company to defend under a Reservation of Rights and also file a Declaratory Judgment Action, it was recently held in ...

Comment on DeLay not running by geico car insurance

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Is There Something Your Insurance Agent Isn’t Telling You?

Or - When was the last time you actually reviewed your homeowner’s insurance policy?

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance For You

With so many different types of health insurance plans and restrictions out there, it can be difficult finding the best health insurance for you. However, this process is not impossible to do well with a little research.

More on Burial Insurance

Earlier on this blog, I discussed the resurgence in popularity of burial insurance.